Pristine Topical Spray – is a high quality topical spray for dogs and most pets.  Pristine is rich in Australian Marine Phytoplankton blended with 4 top Australian natural ingredients.

Marine Phytoplankton – Phytoplankton are high in essential fatty acids.  These are the building blocks of healthy cells for humans and animals. Phytoplankton provide deep, enduring moisture to the skin, by being a source of moisture assisting skin to hold on to its moisture instead of excreting it to the surface. These fatty acids can help by providing the components that skin needs to restore itself. While many of these components can be obtained from food that we feed our pets, they are efficiently utilized also when applied topically to the damaged area or when maintaining skin health.
> Australian Sandalwood Hydrosol – has mild but effective antiseptic and soothing properties to calm, protect and nurture your pet.
> Australian Kakadu Plum – boasts the highest recorded levels of Vitamin C of any fruit in the world making it a supreme antioxidant.
> Australian Aloe Vera – shown to have antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, making it soothing to the skin.
> Australian Lavender Oil – can bring great relief if your dog is suffering from irritated and itchy skin and may help your dog to rest and relax.

Pristine – high in Vitamin C and B’s along with essential fatty acids and amino acids support healing and soothing of irritated skin or skin abrasions, may soothe itch and hot spots. Supports healthy skin by providing moisture to dry skin and paws and condition your pets coat while providing an all-natural, first class fragrance from Tasmania’s Lavender Farms that will help them to rest and relax.

May be used after bathing or between baths to freshen up and condition the coat while adding moisture to skin and paws.