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Marine Phytoplankton Reviews

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Marine Phytoplankton Australia
Average rating:  
 47 reviews
 by Georgia
Vegan-friendly, highly nutritious, and energy boosting

I bought pure marine phytoplankton after a friend recommended it as a vegan friendly option to get the alpha linoleic acid and linoleic acids need for brain health. Easy to add to a glass of water each morning and noticed a reduce in my brain fog soon after adding it to my daily routine. Ready to replenish my stock and will keep it as a staple to boost my health.

 by James
Panasea and Pure

Now i have Panasea and Pure i no longer have need for all my other vitamin pills. Wonderful Product!!

 by Grant Wattus
Great product

I started taking Panasea and Pure for nutritional and energy benefits. I noticed increased energy within a few days. After 2 weeks or so, I noticed my psoriasis has cleared. I recommend this to everyone who wants to feel energized and healthy.

 by Nicole
Quality product

After a recommendation from a friend, I've been very satisfied with the use of Marine Phytoplankton and making my third purchase now.  My daily life has just been much better after consumption.  I feel less sluggish, more radiant, have a better appetite and my energy levels have boosted.  Highly recommend!

 by Daniel Olden
Pristine is great !

I purchased Pristine for my dog hoping it would not only make my boy smell better but help his dry skin. It has made his skin so much better.  I'm sure it's all the Plankton and Vitamin C from the Kakadu Plum plus the Aloe vera, it has really helped his skin, it is softer and less scaly plus he smells so good, actually I'm sure its the Lavender that makes him settle down and sleep once I've sprayed his coat.  Really happy with Pristine.

 by Tom
Panasea - Working wonders

Wow, fast delivery and great service. Was only taking this for a week when a bout of gastro was going around and my whole family got it. Everyone I know who had it had the same symptoms and had it for at least 4-5 days, and they had it bad. I had it so briefly, so mild, had it just the one day and nothing like anyone else. People couldn't believe I was moving around and no symptoms in 24 hours, full of energy. I put it to Panasea, that's the only thing I'm taking and the only change I've made recently. What an amazing product, the only reason I've given 4 stars is it's too short to tell all the benefits yet so I'll wait and see. I'm excited to see what the other products can do as well.

 by Ariane Oates
Marine Phytoplankton Plankton & Plum Serum & PanaSea

Knowing that phytoplankton is responsible for 90 percent of the earth’s oxygen & an ionic oxygen & is a superfood that supports our bodies, we have been more than satisfied with these products and the extra energy and good health we have enjoyed.
I love the Plankton & Plum serum being the only product needed now in regards to skin care products to hydrate and nourish.
Delivery is always very prompt which we greatly appreciate.

 by Kim Schultz
Pure Marine Plankton - Great product and Quick service

Always prompt and a very quick service - we have used this product for our fur baby for 2 years now - very good for her fur and skin. Thank you for a good product and information you always send. We like that we can buy locally and an Australian product

 by Emma McCallum
MyPlankton 4 Paws Plus

Unfortunately my two Basset Hounds can't tell me how this product makes them feel but, after having found out that one of them has a brain tumour I desperately researched to see how I could help treat her. What I can say is that I was extremely impressed with the customer service and the information that accompanied the product upon arrival. Fascinating reading and very welcome as this product is very new to me. In the future I plan to buy some of this product for myself but in the meantime will continue to buy it for my hounds.

 by Michael Jenkins


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