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MyPlankton Plankers Pet Balm
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Plankers Pet Balm

Plankers Pet Balm for Noses, Paws and Skin, nourish and repair – Our Marine Phytoplankton in an all natural healing and maintenance balm, especially formulated for our beloved furry friends.

Plankers natural healing balm contains our powerful Marine Phytoplankton, blended into a base of organic beeswax, virgin coconut oil and other high quality natural ingredients that may assist healing of paws and noses which are dry, cracked, calloused or damaged through hot or cold weather or skin from cuts or injuries.

Organic Shea Nut Butter
Organic PURE Marine Phytoplankton
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Organic Beeswax
Organic Castor Oil
Organic Lavender oil (Lavendula angustifolia)




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