Plankton for Pets

MyPlankton™ 4 Paws Plus+

Our 4 Paws Plus+ is literally Plankton for Pets and most other animals.

Plankton for Pets

Plankton for Pets

MyPlankton™ 4 Paws Plus+ – a nutritional super-antioxidant wholefood – containing Australian Marine Phytoplankton, our oceans very own ‘SUPERfood!’  Marine Phytoplankton is identified as the basis of the ocean food chain, embracing nutrition as Mother Nature intended.  Phytoplankton is one of the most valuable sources of nutrition on earth and it’s incredibly high in nutrition and health benefits, when it comes to our pet’s health, phytoplankton isn’t just any old seaweed, it is seriously potent!  Phytoplankton are single-celled organisms that contain nearly every nutrient your pet needs. Its whole nutrition fuels the entire ocean, phytoplankton contains what’s known as the king of antioxidants, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD).  SOD is the body’s most powerful antioxidant enzyme … it protects cells and helps remove toxins, including heavy metals from the body.  Researchers found that the longest-lived animals, like sea turtles, contain large amounts of SOD, while shorter-lived animals, such as mice, contain only small amounts. SOD can be an important addition to your pets diet along with these nutrients:

  • Essential fatty acids
  • Trace minerals
  • Chlorophyll
  • Antioxidants
  • Essential amino acids
  • Protein
  • Carotenoids
  • Vitamins

We have combined our Marine Phytoplankton ‘SUPERfood’ with one of the world’s richest sources of Seaweed that offers micronutrients, alginic acid, essential amino acids, minerals and other complex organic compounds.  Added to our Plankton for Pets is Liquid Seaweed which is ideal for dairy, cattle, horses, calves, sheep, goats, deer, pigs, poultry, dogs and cats. Scientifically and historically, seaweed is one of nature’s most mineral-rich plants. To improve your pets digestive health we have added Bio-Fermented Cranberry with Dandelion and Papaya rich with antioxidants and nutrients that help support your pet’s immune system and decrease inflammation, while supplying probiotic goodness of good bacteria.  Efficacious Rose Hip brings a very powerful punch of beneficial components including vitamin C, A, E, and vitamin B-complex, as well as minerals like calcium, iron, selenium, manganese, magnesium and our final ingredient included is micro distilled Aloe Vera proven to be very beneficial in helping conditions of the skin and digestive system

‘MyPlankton™ 4 Paws Plus+’ has been carefully formulated, focusing on the general health and well-being of most animals supporting their entire body, overall health and longevity including – gut health –  mobility/joint health – improved cellular function (healthier organs) – decreased inflammation – digestion support – manage skin issues and allergies – increased energy – decreased hyperactivity – decreased anxiety – detoxification.

‘MyPlankton™ 4 Paws Plus+’  Concentrated with incredible active ingredients:

  • Australian Marine Phytoplankton  (Dunaliella Salina)
  • Australian Liquid Seaweed
  • Bio-Fermented Cranberry with Dandelion and Papaya
  • Rose Hip (Rosa canina)
  • Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis)  micro distilled
  • Inactive Ingredient: Organic Vegetable Glycerin     (natural preservative against mold)

Bottle Size is 200 mL –  administer in accordance to your pet’s weight

  • provides approx 26 week supply for 1 animal weighing up to 10kg  > taking as directed and the suggested amount.
  • provides approx 14 week supply for 1 animal weighing 10kg up to 20kg > taking as directed and the suggested amount.
  • provides approx 9 week supply for 1 animal weighing 20kg up to 30kg > taking as directed and the suggested amount.

For larger dogs and animals over 30 kg,  including – pigs, sheep, goats, horses etc 1 bottle will still last approx 6 weeks when given as directed.

A measure device and a full ‘Product Information Fact Sheet’ is included with every purchase of ‘MyPlankton™ 4 Paws Plus+’  Please make sure that only measured amounts as directed are given to your animal.  ‘MyPlankton™ 4 Paws Plus+’ is a concentrated formulation and giving your animal more than what is suggested is not necessary.  Please make sure that the supplied Information and Fact Sheet for the product is read thoroughly before administering to any animal.




This information is intended to provide information only. The health situation of every animal is unique. This information is not intended for use in diagnosis, treatment or cure of specific health problems or diseases and should never be considered as a substitute for Professional Veterinary advice.  Please consult with your Vet especially if your pet is already taking medication e.g. heart medication, diuretics etc…as dandelion is a natural diuretic, should you have any concerns about your pets health or using this product please seek professional advice.  If your female pet is pregnant or lactating please make sure you check with your Vet before using, as safe use has not yet been established.