About Us

At Marine Phytoplankton Australia, we believe in offering our customers the best products founded in research and science, not marketing hype. Our mission is simple: To provide healthy products and ingredients, emphasizing sustainability and community support.

Customer satisfaction is our focus, aiming to create raving fans with quality products and reliable information. Our business model values long-term relationships over short-term gains.

MyPlankton Australia

With extensive experience in product research, brand marketing, and customer service, MyPlankton Australia was established — an online store committed to providing high-quality phytoplankton products. We collaborate with respected naturopaths, healers, and medical professionals in today’s integrated health society.

Our Vision

At MyPlankton Australia, our vision is refreshingly simple also. We envision a world where everyone can easily embrace a healthy and joyful life, guided by informed choices and a vibrant spirit. Our commitment revolves around simplicity, quality, and community.

We believe in supporting proactive well-being without making grand promises. While we strive to be a positive force in your health journey, we always suggest consulting a health professional to determine if our products are the right fit for you. Our vision is to be your companion on the path to well-being, offering quality products with a touch of guidance and a friendly reminder to prioritize your health.


“We care for our customers and our community.”        

Cindy Freeman – founder MyPlankton Australia


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