Plankton & Plum Serum

Organic Marine Phytoplankton and Australian Kakadu Plum Serum, Mother Nature’s Skincare

Rejuvenate, Moisturise, Protect and Strengthen Your Skin – Plankton & Plum Serum is a full-face serum for anyone concerned with anti-ageing, pigmentation or redness –  can also be used on the body.

Plankton & Plum Skin Serum has been created from two of nature’s powerhouse ingredients!

Phytoplankton contain vital proteins and enzymes, necessary vitamins and minerals, amino acids, micronutrients and essential fatty acids that literally feed the skin, while providing deep, enduring moisture.

Kakadu Plum has the world’s highest source of vitamin C. Vitamin C stimulates an amino acid that’s required to make collagen and is a powerful antioxidant that may help plump and restore skin cells.

These two powerhouse ingredients have been carefully blended to create Mother Nature’s SkinCare – an active plant and microscopic phytoplankton, that’s organic, wild harvested and sustainable!

No fragrances or harmful chemicals – just active 100% Pure Kakadu Plum Extract and Pure Marine Phytoplankton.