Marine Phytoplankton – Deep Sea Treatment for Depression

Adding a Marine Phytoplankton supplement to your diet may be able to help your mood, making it a strong addition to any depression diet treatment plan. A pilot study conducted at the University of Utah shows significant improvements in subjects’ depression symptoms after regularly taking this supplement.

Specifically, participants reported feeling full of life, feeling lots of energy, and feeling calm and peaceful. The subjects who took the phtyoplankton supplement during this randomized, placebo-controlled study showed significant increases in scores on the emotional subscale of the SF36. The SF36 is a patient-reported survey used to determine a patient’s functional health and well-being

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to infection and trauma, sometimes even in response to foods and environmental triggers. Inflammation in brain tissue can seriously slow you down and even cause things like depression. Phytoplankton is the anti-inflammatory. Marine Phytoplankton can reduce inflammation in the brain and alleviate symptoms.

In addition to being anti-inflammatory, high levels of magnesium, sulfur, sodium and calcium are also found in marine phytoplankton. These elements work together with the other tens of thousands of chemical compounds in the microalgae to boost your brain’s performance at the cellular level.

Marine phytoplankton is great for your entire body. When you consume this powerful marine plant, you decrease inflammation system-wide and give your brain the vitamins and neurochemicals required to help you think and function to the best of your ability.  By taking these micro-organisms responsible for creating planet Earth’s atmosphere and allowing life to flourish, IMAGINE what they might be able to do for your health!  To improve your mental function and mental sharpness, you will do your body a huge favour, many people report that they feel the difference almost right away!

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Marine Phytoplankton MyPlankton